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Spring 2015 Classes:
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> Stony Brook University
October 1, 2014

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> Stony Brook Manhattan
August 19, 2014
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Fundamentals of the Bioscience Industry Program

This program is targeted toward graduate students and post docs seeking to facilitate commercial activities within their academic labs or enhance their knowledge of the commercial sector in order to transition into non-academic careers. Early career professionals within the industry are also encouraged to apply to enhance their productivity and opportunity for success in the corporate environment.

A Benchmark Industry Focused Program >
Strongly interdisciplinary, this innovative program will provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the complexities of the bioscience business environment including current business models, finance, product development cycles, regulatory issues, the science that drives the business, and understanding corporate culture.

Benefits you and your employer >
Graduate students and post docs that complete the program will be better prepared to initiate and support corporate interactions with their academic laboratories, or compete in the job market, while industry professionals will have the understanding necessary to contribute more effectively to corporate goals.

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Affiliated with >
Stony Brook University's MBA program
Stony Brook University's Department of Biomedical Engineering MS/PhD program
Columbia University's MA in Biotechnology Program



2015 classes start:
Tuesday January 27, 2015

Alumni Seminar & Events:

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Comments from Alumni >

"The program was invaluable. The insights it provided into the culture and dynamics of industry helped me to reevaluate my own interests and solidified my decision to enter the bioscience industry after I completed my PhD thesis. The course also gave me a good sense of what to work towards and how to envision my career in ten years."

Russell A. Garman, Ph.D.
Frommer Lawrence
& Haug LLP

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